How To Get Started

Lenovo and CNET Content Solutions have partnered to provide you rich Lenovo content delivered directly to your website. By following the simple steps below, you can register a new account, add your authorized domains, add users, and configure your script for syndication.

Create Portal Account

Create an account at You will be asked to verify your email and fill out a profile and company information page.

IMPORTANT STEP: Allowed Domains
The ContentCast system has built-in security that will deliver content to registered sites only. During the registration, you may add your sites by clicking the Add Domain button. You should add all root domains/URLs that your site uses (i.e. When adding the domain for, you only need to add in "")

You may revisit this screen at any time by selecting, while logged in, Admin > Advanced Settings, then clicking on Site Integration Tab > Edit

Manage Users

In this section, you can add the users who will be involved with technical implementations on your site. Added users will receive an email invitation to begin the simple process of adding the CNET ContentCast script to your site.

From the main page, select Admin > Manage Users.

From the following page, click Add Users, and enter the email address of the person you wish to add. Repeat for any team members you wish to add.

Set-up Script

Press the Configure Product Page button on the home page. You will be asked to name your script. (Hint: use an intuitive name.) You may change this setting later.

Enable Components

After you have named and saved your script, you will be taken to the main settings page. To receive content, click the check box to the left to enable each component.

Publish Content

The default settings should work for most sites. To start receiving content, press Publish and then Get Code at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Pressing Publish 
Any time you make changes to the code you must press Publish.

Configure Code

The code provided is a complete sample HTML page. You can copy and paste the entire block of code into a text editor and save it to your local computer with an .html extension.

In the sample code, you will see a block of variables.

'Manufacturer_Name' 'Lenovo'
'Manufacturer_Part_Number' 'Number'
'Language' 'EN'
'Market' 'US'

In your production system, you or your programmer should replace the variables dynamically. For the sample page, you can replace the following variables by hand. The other variables are optional.


CNET and Lenovo are committed to a smooth integration. If you or your technical team have any questions during the process, please refer to the following: